Early Light: Sweet November arrives


I awoke this morning and couldn’t believe November is here already!  After repeating out loud “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” (something my college roomate taught me – she promised it guaranteed good luck for the entire month), I began making my monthly resolutions.

November means three things – Family, Food and Football (in that order).  It means you won’t have to make coffee in the dark any longer, and you will get a vacation from yard work because it will be getting dark about the time Charlie Gibson launches the nightly news.

It means you should get with the family soon to plan for Thanksgiving dinner and pour over cookbooks to find just the right casseroles to make the Holidays delicious.  It means you can begin making your Christmas list.

This year, it means we’ll finally get past this infernally long political season which is going on two years in duration.  I’ve got a bad case of election fatigue and sick of seeing the faces of ALL the candidates and listening to them drone on and on and make promises I doubt they can keep. I’m wondering what on earth the news hounds will cover once the election is over.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight or you’ll be way too early for church tomorrow morning.  And, don’t wake me up until November 5.

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