“Earthy People” get high on gardening

garden expo - 1st day 019

Day One of the “Everything Garden Expo” was everything I’d hoped it would be.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

I am ready to attack my pitiful garden with renewed gusto since I learned from  people like Felder Rushing,  (pictured above with my mentor Shirley Dawkins) that all the garden rules are made to be broken and sometimes “weeds can be beautiful intruders.”

garden expo - 1st day 014

Visitors in the Expo Hall numbered close to 3,000, but the floor cleared when Felder took the stage. I hung on to his every word beginning with the opening statement that “horticulturists” don’t  always have the final word on gardening. There is a creative, human element that must be set free in the garden.

Oh, YES.  I want to be set FREE!

garden expo - 1st day 018 “You don’t really have to have a soil test done,” he declared defiantly.  “And you don’t have to prune your roses to the first joint with five leaves.  You can just blow the stem off with a torpedo and they will bloom just fine!”

Oh, I’m so relieved.  On Washington’s Birthday, as instructed, I chewed the ends off my roses with some pruning sheers that Rebel teethed on (he liked the taste of horse manure I guess).

And I’ve never had a soil test – or a colonoscopy for that matter – sometimes you just can’t  get around to things you know would best be done.  But hey, you do what you can, and hope for the best.

The irrepressible Felder Rushing is well known throughout the natural world as author of dozens of gardening books and host of the widely circulated radio  show “The Gestalt Gardener” (that’s one of many clues that this is one very rebellious gardener).  He is quoted by the likes of Martha Stewart which amuses him beyond words.  We bonded on that note.

Tomorrow we’ll hear from Garden Mama Nellie Neal, another of my radio favorites and a authority on winter gardening.  And maybe I’ll be relieved from my duties for a few minutes to  go shopping. I have my eye on some very interesting garden art including a ramshackle bird house shack.  From now on, I’m going for informality,

And here’s a little tidbit  you may be interested in – bring your pick-em -up truck and you can fill it up with composted horse manure compliments of the Mississippi Horse Park.  We will only charge you $5 to load it up and you will have the best garden in the neighborhood this summer.

5 thoughts on ““Earthy People” get high on gardening

  1. What a beautiful day for the gardening expo! It was good to see Shirley! and seeing Felder reminds me how much I miss his radio show over here in Alabama!

  2. Gosh, I almost got to meet the Diva! If you look real close in the picture with Felder and Shirley, I’m in the striped sweater about four rows up!! But, you hurried away so fast, Emily, I missed you again! Yes, the show was great!!! Worth a trip from Ponchatoula!

  3. What? You were here and didn’t tell me? I’m really upset about that. Would have loved to have visited with you…

    Wasn’t Felder great? My kind of guy. Break all the rules and find greatness in just being yourself. My new catch phrase is “I didn’t live up to your standards? Oh Well!”

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