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Today we made more Easter memories. Daddy, Martha and Braddock were here along with our best friends Jack, Tim Millis and Marc Magee. We even had a face to face talk with my son, William, via my new IPad. And Emma, always my Aunt Emma.  She is here for me if I stump my toe or lose my right arm.  I couldn ‘t  live without her.

I feel so lucky to still have my parents – so many of my contemporaries don’t. We relived a hundred memories including the time Daddy took me to see the Chicago Bears in Memphis. The South didn’t have a team back then.

AND LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. DON’T YOU WRITE OFF SEAN PEYTON OR THE SAINTS. DO YOU HEAR ME!! I’m sick and tired of hearing the media target my SAINTS.  It’s all about money and every team is doing it.  The media just wants to destroy a poor team from the South that rebuilt New Orleans after Katrina.  We are an easy target.

My team got caught doing something bad and they should be punished.  I just wonder why the rest of the league gets a break.;.

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But best of all, or worst of all, was my reintroduction to sugar.  Gave it up for Lent and today I ate half of my Aunt Emma’s Peanut Butter Pie. I’m about to finish the rest so I can return to my sugar free life style.  I don’t want it in my house tomorrow, and I can’t bring myself to throw it out.  Cheers.

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  1. Emily—-so glad to hear that you are going to stick with the no granulated sugar program. We get plenty of sugar from fruit, etc.There is so much in everything that we eat (bread, canned goods) if we just cut out desserts, cookies, etc. we will only eliminate about 1/2 that we eat—————but, that should help tremendously.

    Also—–about the Saints—-did you hear John Bond being interviewed on the radio and talking about how such a program was prevalent during his college days———and, he said it wasn’t just at his school!!

    By the way, Daddy looks great—just wish that he and his buddy could be back on the course!!

    Shirley D.

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