Eeuw, eeuw, eeuw, – Stark Ness Monster sighted in my garden

7.02.08 Tomato Worm and Boat Trip 167

The grossest thing happened this a.m. as I was out talking to my tomatoes – they seem to do to better when I talk or sing to them. Of course, the activity confirms my neighbors’ suspicions that my elevator doesn’t make it to the top floor, but who cares.

I noticed this monster riding the highest branch of my prize Brandywine vine. He bears a remarkable resemblance the Loch Ness Monster, don’t you think? Brandywines are a particularly tasty and coveted heirloom tomato, so at least my monster had good taste. I say “had” because he (it?) is no longer stuffing himself on my tomato leaves. I left a urgent message for my son “Braddock” that I had a trespasser harassing me in my front yard.

He knows I rarely call him for help unless it’s truly life threatening, so he rushed right over and plucked that pesky varmit from the vine and smashed him right on my garden path.

7.02.08 Tomato Worm and Boat Trip 175When “B” stepped on him he exploded like a tomato juice filled water balloon. The big smudge at left is all that remains of the tomato creep.

Thank goodness for “B”. He has front row seats for all “Mom Meltdowns.” If anyone knows what this thing is called and how to run off all his friends, please let me know as soon as possible. “B” is going deep sea fishing for the next week and I’m on my own.

3 thoughts on “Eeuw, eeuw, eeuw, – Stark Ness Monster sighted in my garden

  1. If I lived in Starkville I would come over to help, but I guess you will have to find a local to take care of your pests!!

  2. No, he’s “engorged” on my tomato vine, not enlarged. That was his actual size – I’d say about 7-8 inches long! I hate to think how big he would have gotten had I not discovered his nefarious activity. He could have eaten his way through the entire neighborhood and consumed small pets!

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