Eighty-five and counting!

daddy and B Dr. T. N. Braddock reached the ripe old age of 85 yesterday.  He began the day like any other – by strolling to the West Point, Mississippi, post office to check the mail.

There was a note in the box indicating he would need to pick up his mail from the window.  Hmmm, he was puzzled.  That had never happened before.

Low and behold, the post master handed him a bag containing more than 100 birthday cards.  They had flooded in over night, bearing well wishes from friends, family and patients.  They came from more than six states. A church in rural Clay County even send a card signed by the entire congregation.


“He had cards from small children thanking him for delivering them,” said Braddock Jones, the recently retired physician’s grandson who was around to help open and read the cards.

daddy & guys Old friends Robert Harrell and David McIlwain stopped by with gifts and more cards. 

After everyone left, Dr. Braddock settled into his chair to resume reading the cards.  With each one came a memory that needed telling.

He noted this may be the most memorable birthday celebration of his life, and he has all those cards to keep the memory alive.  Thanks to all who helped make the birthday so special.  We figure there won’t be any birthday cards available in West Point for weeks until the stores can restock!

4 thoughts on “Eighty-five and counting!

  1. What a wonderful way for Dr. Braddock to celebrate! He delivered both my children, has been my doctor, my mother’s doctor AND my father’s doctor. As a personal care home owner, he has been so wonderful to me and my residents. He has truly been a shining light in our community!

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