End of the age of innocence


One of the people who personified everything that is good about America went on to “receive his rewards” today.

At least, that’s the way I can hear him describe his departure from this life in his slow Carolinian drawl. He would also be wearing the trademark smile as wide as the ‘64 patrol car he drove in The Andy Griffith Show.

castIt’s hard to believe it only ran eight years (1960-1968) because it can be picked up at least once a day in reruns.  I’ve seem them so many times, I’ve had to quit watching.

When Andy Griffith died this morning at age 86, he closed the chapter on an age of innocence we will never see again.

I often wonder what Mayberry would have looked like if it had been filmed today.  Would Barney have turned out to be a pedophile, and would Opie give up ball and spend all his time inside playing video games and updating his Facebook wall?

Would Andy have been taking kickbacks from Aunt Bee to keep quiet about her dope dealing?

Can pigs fly?  Not a chance!

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