Enter the mirdle: a girdle for guys


Guys . . . if you’ve allowed your body to become a mushy, shapeless blob, then I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s called “men’s shapewear” and, apparently, it’s the hottest new thing in men’s fashion.  (I doubt the guys pictured above need it yet.)

Some men prefer to call it “compression dressing,” what – e-v-e-r! It is still shapewear, manufactured to do what the old time girdle once did.


man girtle I must admit, I get sadistic delight seeing men in girdles after pushing an unrealistic standard of beauty on women for so long and putting us through the inevitable light-headedness and constant discomfort to achieve said unrealistic beauty. But this seems like a step in the wrong direction. I think a well tailored suit is enough to look trim and chic.

Basically, men’s shapewear is clothing that looks like a regular tank top or T-shirt, but it’s been designed to act like a girdle, sucking in a massive gut and making it appear much slimmer.

And there’s even men’s shapewear that emphasizes the pecs and makes the abs look much more toned than they actually are.

The newest lines of men’s shapewear are billed as “powerful layers of powernet binding your chest” (Underworks); “high-performance technologies … engineered to optimize and energize the body” (Equmen); “a classic men’s undershirt injected with steroids” (Rip’t Fusion).

If you guys out there decide to give shapewear a try, you can always say you broke a rib and are forced to wear “support.”

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