Entering normal – finally!

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Today my book club met at my house and we were all excited about teleconferencing with the author of “Entering Normal.”

If you haven’t read the book, you should.   Above Ginger Jones, my “normal” twin sister,  was dubious about my ability to pull this off.


I did, well sort of!! Author Anne LeClaire is the most engaging and inspirational “famous” person I have come to know.  She has nine books to her credit, one of which former President Bill Clinton said was the best book he ever read.

So.  We made these plans to have a teleconference with her.  She was more than willing, and told me she loves Southerners.

Braddock, my son and computer consultant,  came over at noon and he worked with me for three hours trying to explain how the little eye he attached to my computer  and flat paneled television would allow us to see and chat with Anne.  The whole thing was so far out there I couldn’t begin to understand.

I took more notes than I did when I had Miss Elizabeth for Senior English. In the meantime my cell phone went dead.  I don’t know if there is any connection.

Bottom line.  The episode was a success and now I’m a hero.  My book club doesn’t know how confused I was and will be for the unforseable future. I am now a tekky hero, even though I can’t make the pump work on my new  jar of  fake tan, and my I-Phone may never work again.

Our chat was lively and unforgettable. But getting my computer, television and telephone back to normal won’t be so easy.I guess I was exiting normal while Anne was entering.

Anne LeClaire is a delightful and delicious author who writes every day from her Massachusetts home.  She still practices silence every Monday as she walks on the beach.  She talks to no one on Mondays – even her family.  You can read her book “Listening Below the Noise” to find out why.

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