Escaping CHAOS with Fly Lady

flyladyYou know what CHAOS is, don’t you? It’s short for “Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome” and I have an extremely bad case.

Its primary symptom is a growing mountain of clutter taking over your home, and a heightened sense of loss of control over your “stuff.”

It could be fatal if I don’t get treatment asap.  In waltzes “Fly Lady” and I can suddenly see order in my future.

Perhaps with her help  I can escape CHAOS and have people over again.

Why did I think I needed telephone books from the last 10 years?! Paperwork from the 1980’s? Clothes that are out of date, in disgusting shape or don’t fit? Boxes to things we haven’t owned in a decade? School papers from my 38 year old son, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I DON’T need these things, I don’t want these things and I no longer have these things!!! Out, out, out they went to the garbage can, to Goodwill, to the shredder. Still much more to do but what a great start – Thank you Fly Lady. She offered me some practical tips to attacking the monster and regaining order in my life.  I began my day with the 15-minute boogie fling and I feel better already.

If you find yourself needing motivation for household chores, I recommend that you log onto and join up.  It’s free.

7 thoughts on “Escaping CHAOS with Fly Lady

  1. Conley – a boogie fling is where you set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes and fly around picking up after yourself and anyone else in the house. You move quickly hanging up coats, taking out the trash and replacing anything that is out of place… and lastly CLEAN OUT THE KITCHEN SINK. That is Fly Lady’s cardinal rule – NEVER leave dishes in the sink or she could kick you out of the club. When the ding dongs, you are done. I tried it this am. and was amazed what could be done in 15 minutes if you focus and don’t let yourself become distracted. I may do another boogie fling this afternoon.

  2. Emily, I got on the Fly Lady site and got so excited about reading how I was going to end clutter and have a clean house. She said to start with oen thing and add to it. She told in great detail how to clean a stainless sink and make it gleam. This was the first lesson–keeping the sink clean and shiny. I did this beautifully for about a week, but couldn’t add lesson #2 to it and keep it going. But I do still remember how to make a sink shine.

  3. Yeah Elsie, Fly lady is big on keeping a clean sink. I still do it no matter how tired or unmotivated I feel. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had a nervous breakdown lately. My old house might be falling down around me, but darn it, I HAVE A CLEAN SINK!

  4. Would like to add a comment to the clean sink thingy since I hate cleaning anything. I wanted a porcelain sink rather than the stainless one that I had had since we built this house in 1973. What I got is a cheaper, non-porcelain one that looks like porcelain. Well……..let me tell you, when I got the white (biscuit) sink, I saw in a very short time what I had been missing when I had the stainless one! Like, things resting in the bottom of the sink that I never saw in the metal-colored one. BAC-TER-IA!!! (Sing like AC-TIV-IA.) Just sayin’………….

  5. I LOVE Flylady! I bought her timer (still my favorite one) and a feather duster too. It’s good to support her. BUT, I have to say, that over the years the commerce part of the site has sortof taken over. I found that if I spent as much time picking up as I did reading the emails, I would get a lot more done, so I unsubbed. Every few years, I resubscribe for a little while. Her system really does work, particularly if you combine it with the “Mount Vernon Method” from the Messie’s Handbook (Sandra Felton). There’s a summary of the Mount Vernon Method here: That shiny sink thing is really something, and it’s AMAZING what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes!

  6. My daughter has two girls, ages 9 and 11. She has a “ten-minute tidy” drill. When things get a bit cluttered, as happens with a busy family, she calls it. So for 10 minutes, everyone picks up, puts up and tidies the house. Much like your boogie fling, it sure helps.

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