Explosion lights up dinner party

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Last night I had my neighbor Yvonne and and her father, Ben, over for dinner. 

Ben is moving to Arkansas tomorrow so it’s the last time I’ll get to see him for a long time.

Thankfully, his heart held up to the unexpected explosion which occurred in my dining room.


About midway through the first course (okay, the ONLY course) a loud explosion and fire lighted up the northeast corner of the room.  Yvonne thought I planned it to celebrate her leaving. No. No. No!

The culprit was an antiquated extension cord I found somewhere in the house back in December after all my good cords were occupied with Christmas decorations. I used it to hook up my electric fire place which I placed under the dining room mantle. (I had the gas logs turned off and can’t seem to get them back on.)

I have no idea where this funky extension cord came from – probably left in the house by a previous owner.   It had a teeny little receptable and the cord was small – any idiot would have known it should have been trashed immediately.

But I wanted instant ambiance and made a mental note to replace it later.  Lordy, what a scare – my draperies, which puddle like the Mississippi River, could have gone up in flames along with the house had we not been here to stomp it out. 

I learned a valuable lesson.  When your brain tells you something is not quite right – listen to it.

Side note: Yvonne retired back in July and we were looking forward to happy hours of making pottery (she has a kiln) and just being basically worthless. 

Low and behold, she accepted at job with the University of Arkansas to head up their poultry science research division.  This week she will head out for that desolate place. So now I have another new neighbor to break in. 

It’s curious, I’ve lost two neighbors from the same house in 24 months.  Do you think it’s me?

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