Faking it


You’re rounding the corner of the cereal aisle when you spy chatty Kathy making her way toward you.

You can tell my the look on her face that she’s got new grandbaby pictures.

Instead of taking the chance that you’ll get hung up for an extra 15 minutes in Walmart, you dig your cell phone out of your pocket and begin chatting

away to your imaginary friend.  You wave at the chatster and continue arguing into the phone.

“I never said that.  You misunderstood,” you retort.  You could as easily have said, “No I’m can’t go out with Donald Trump this weekend.  I hate comb-overs.”  In the meantime, Kathy stuffs her photos back in her purse and moves on.

According to a Pew Internet report released this week, that’s one way 13 percent of U.S. cell phone users are using their mobile phones–to avoid conversations!

Well, I never.

Honestly, I’ve never done that, but only because I never thought of it.  I have done some “pretend texting,” just to look cool.  I don’t know how to text, but everyone else does, and I want to look hip even if I’m just “hippy.”

If I were to fake a phone call to avoid someone, it would be my luck for the phone to ring mid conversation, then the  jig would be up.

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