Fallin’ off the low carb wagon

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My birthday cake..Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I think it was  February 17 – yes, that was it.  I got my ashes at Mass and swore off carbohydrates until Easter.  It worked great for me.  I felt better and dropped 15 pounds. I kept going.

Easter came and went and I was still avoiding bread and sugar in any form. Another four pounds came off. I began running again and felt like I was 25.

nashville 004 Then, came the great flood of 2010 and my Fiftieth birthday (fifty thirteen to be exact).  That was yesterday I think.

William took me to the finest restaurants in Nashville.  We dined on oysters and crab claws and I maintained my low carb posture.

Then, without warning, the sunshine of Painter’ Alley turned to stormy Monday and we had nothing to do. Well, except eat some comfort food.

We downloaded movies while William and Braddock sipped imported beers.  I needed something more.

Of course, I needed some love in the form of carbs.  William made me a pot of macaroni and cheese and I ate the entire pot.  I sliced my birthday cake and spread it with chunky ice cream.  OHHH….

I was in heaven. Seriously – if the world ends tomorrow, I have found a little slice of heaven right here.  How little it takes to satisfy me. My boys and a big ole pot of macaroni – this is what it’s all about.

Today is Tuesday, and I must get back on my program.

What was it again?  My mind is spinning.  I’m on a sugar high. I need to get to rehab…. Tiger, can you help me?

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