Falling in love all over again!

12th of never My friend and new sustah, Jeri, sent me a website where you can play oldies and still be productive at the computer. Right now I have hits of 1957 playing (remember Johnny Mathis and Twelfth of Never???) Oh my gosh, I fell in love for the first time to that artist and that very tune!

Pat Patton was his name and he was visiting his aunt in my little town. Our parents brought us together, then saw that we liked each other and promptly tried to keep us apart. But I remember sitting very close together on the sofa in my living room while Johnny Mathis was playing on the Magnavox.

My parents stomped around the perimeter of the room, reminding us we weren’t alone. But the doors were shut and we kissed. Oh yes. He was good. The memories come pouring back. I highly recommend you check out this site. Click on the year you prefer.

The site is <www.tropicalglen.com> and it’s fabulous. Now I’m listening to The Letterman singing “When I fall in Love.” Oh gee. Wonder if I can get a ‘do-over’.?

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