Family and neighbors – the best combination

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Family has a way of catching up with you in the best possible way.

When my best friend, Yvonne, moved away last January, she assured me I would love the new owner of her home. In fact, she said we reminded her of each other. Well no wonder. Turns out we are double double cousins.


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I wandered over to give them back their key today and met Sarah Lee Cheek.  Turns out, she  was raised by my grandfather’s nephew, Hugh Lee, who married her mother after the war.  She took his name.   Her mother was also a niece of my great aunt Dorothy. We are related in every way imaginable. And get this:

She and I went to the “W” our freshman year and passed in the night.  We both transferred to Ole Miss in 1966 and passed in the night.

She went to high school with my good  friends Tim and Diane Millis!  Oh my.

I felt an immediate bond with her. Have you ever just met someone that you loved on the spot and wondered why?

Sarah was that for me. Yeah…we’re family.

2 thoughts on “Family and neighbors – the best combination

  1. OH MY GOSH!! It is truly a small world. Please tell Sarah hello. Tim and I will be coming thru Starkville in June and hopefully you, Sarah and I can get together.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Your sweet son was here “cleaning up” my computer and told me it is your birthday – hope it has been a happy one.

    Love you, Constance

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