Farewell to Miss Myra


4 o’clocks were Miss Myra’s favorite

My son, Braddock,  and I went to Nashville this weekend to help William (youngest son)  move into his new home. On the way we  had one of our “Deep Chats.” B  and I are polar opposites, politically speaking.  But it makes for stimulating repartee.

One of our topics was the “evolution of the species” – human, that is.  Smack dab in the middle of our conversation, my friend Jack called to say that his mother, Myra Vaughan,  had died.

Thud. I felt evolution get a big kick in the pants.

Miss Myra was a shining example of how our species has pushed the envelope to reach a higher plane.  For starters, she was 106!  She lived at home and  was active well into her 90s, performing in  the local Little Theater Plays, playing duplicate bridge,  and working for her church.

I remember the last dinner party she threw – with freshly laundered linens, the good crystal, baked ham,  and the best coffee I ever had.

Myra and I had a lot in common:  Our great loves– her son, Jackie; and  her coffee – the New Orleans kind, strong and black with chicory. We would get high on her coffee while Jackie was out playing golf.

So I’m back from Nashville, and off to Ponchatoula, Louisiana,  for a  funeral mass and a  huge celebration of a life well lived…and a major step forward  in the evolution of the species!

Thank you, Miss Myra. You left us a new benchmark.

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