Fashion week: Tough clothes for tough times


When the going gets tough, the clothes get tougher. Get out your your chains and metallic threads and get ready for a weird spring.

Designers participating in the New York Fashion Week extravaganza this week are showing a sort of “urban warrior” theme featuring exposed zipper details, “camouflage lace” and heavily hardwared belts that looked like they were holding bullets. The shoes look like something a Roman soldier would wear.

Hot colors are copper, smoke and caviar (huh? – I guess you should wear it since you can’t afford to eat it).

Tough-as-nails dresses were heavy on black and metallics while even the most “girlie” designers featured aggressive hardware or patent-leather trims.

It’s a trend that fits with the strong shoulder (and shoulder pads) that have also been prominent on the runways.  Hip Hip Hooray, I say.  Love, love, love shoulder-ma-pads and have been holding on to my 80s frocks in anticipation of their return.

(Here’s my dirty little secret:  I never gave them up.  Have two sets of velcroed shoulder pads I move from outfit to outfit.  The velcro is all but washed away and the pads frequently slip down around my waist – or worse – drop out of my sleeve.  It happened at the basket ball game the other night when I jumped to cheer. Spectators around me looked on in horror. I think they thought I was wearing falsies.)

The overall tone of the fall collection was on the somber side, I understand. There was a lot of black and little beading. There were flashes of  yellow and pink, but they were almost always paired with black.

I also read that scrunchy socks and high-top sneakers are high on the list of ’80s styles making a comeback. Oh Lord, I never knew they went out of style.

I’m going to be in high cotton this year – what with my 12 pair of black pants all hanging like little soldiers in my closet.  I don’t wear yellow, but I can do pink til the cows come home.  Paired up with scrunchy socks and high topped sneakers, I’ll be a fashion plate.

One thought on “Fashion week: Tough clothes for tough times

  1. I identify with you on the shoulder pads! I had some that had velcro that had lost its stickiness [transferred one too many times] and as we were leaving our CPA’s office a couple of years ago, my shoulder pad slipped out of my sweater onto the floor as we were leaving. I thought my husband was going to DIE! He thought it came out of my bra! [He’s so clueless——I’ve NEVER worn those things in my bra; now, a push-up bra is something else!] Even after I told him it was a shoulder pad, he was still embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get away from there.

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