Fat Tuesday ends with a bang

mardi graas 2011 011

Tonight we gathered to celebrate Fat Tuesday with our Parish.  Marie and I were not in the mood; it was raining, and we considered changing our plans.

She thought I wanted to go, and I thought she wanted to go.  So as not to disappoint each other, we went.  Good decision.

mardi graas 2011 008

We had a ball.   The food was better than anything you would ever buy at a restaurant.  Warren Couvillion, a bonafide Cajun (at right) cooked gumbo; and Father John, our priest, (at left)  made jambalaya.

Someone made the best bread pudding, and there were King Cakes for miles.   Tomorrow, we get our ashes and repent.  We have another chance to get it right, and we have good friends to help us along the way.

One thought on “Fat Tuesday ends with a bang

  1. To celebrate here at Maben United methodist church, we had a pancake supper, and tonight, we will repent, too, and a lot of the people will be needing to do some jogging, or something, too.

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