Fat Tuesday turns to Ash Wednesday

ssecond line

There’s nothing like a good “second line,” while a live band plays Mardi Gras music and Jambalaya is bubbling in the kitchen.

father Fat Tuesday in Starkville was almost as good as I remember back in ole New Orleans.

For sure, I didn’t have a priest from Nebraska in the kitchen making Jambalaya. Father John (left) has been in the South long enough to learn how to cook.

People ask me why I decided to become a Catholic.  Father John had a lot to do with it.

And you get to celebrate Mardi Gras in high style.  Of course, today we pay, when he gives us our ashes and we begin the Lenten period.

Mardi Gras was even more special this year because I met my new friend, Bonnie, from the “Nint Ward” who was wearing her draperies.

She was literally wearing her draperies.  She wanted a Mardi Gras costume and liked the hues in her draperies.  So she took them down and wore them over her black leggings.  They were stunning.

I will post her photo spread later after my camera batteries have time to recharge.

She was run out of New Orleans by Katrina – lost everything – and  started a new life here in Starkville.   She worked for 25 years at Gambino’s Bakery in New Orleans and she was in charge of the King Cakes.

We had some good King Cakes last night.

Marie did some second lining with Father (above).  I think she was wearing her draperies too.

One thought on “Fat Tuesday turns to Ash Wednesday

  1. Had a great time last night but ate too much of that delicious Jambalaya. The band was a nice touch, sorry I couldn’t participate in the line dance. Someday maybe I shall learn not to step into holes while running.

    Good camera shots!

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