Feeling older? Smile, you’re not alone


As the months and years fly by, the reality of aging has suddenly invaded my life.

The only consolation is that my friends are riding in the same sinking boat, and if we’re creative, we can salvage what’s left and make these our best years.

If you’re not sure you’re there yet, consider the following – they are what first clued me in

that the aging process has become an unwanted visitor in my life:

1)  Reading the obituaries have taken the place of romance novels;

2) All your birthday party invitations carry the words “No gifts, please.”  I know why. In our lifetime of collecting stuff, we’ve finally run out of room for any more stuff.

3)  Lately, you’ve begun having dinner at 4:30 in the afternoon. What’s that about?

djmh-combover 4)  Men with “comb-overs” are beginning to look attractive.  (I’ve got the beginnings of a little “comb-over” myself and I’m a female!)

5)   You call an eight year old when you’re having trouble with your computer.

6)  You call a six year old when you need helping setting up your new cell phone.

7)  Your doctor has pimples and your dentist is still wearing braces.

8)  There’s only one person in the house left to walk the dogs, and that’s you.

9)  You no longer lose your car keys, you lose the whole car.

10)    I’ve begun carrying a picture of my home in my wallet, just in case….

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