Feng Shui (if you’re going to be away)

bear guarding home

I happen to be the slightest bit superstitious, so when I hear of some old wives tale or voodoo maneuver that promises to create better karma in my life, I don’t see the harm in storing up an extra bit of insurance for good luck.

However, I AM getting a bit tired of vacuuming up the salt I throw over my shoulder when I’m cooking, and I don’t even remember why I do it – I guess the same reason I won’t pick up a stray penny with “tails” up.

bear paws Anyway, here’s my feng shui tip of the day:

If you are planning on going over the river and through the woods to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, then you may just want to put some symbol of a bear in your space while you are gone.

In Feng Shui, the bear represents strength and courage, protection and peace of mind and will stand as a stalwart and stellar (hello … the Great Bear constellation!) alarm against robbery or fire while you are away. Bonus bear clause; this image can also be used to strengthen the immune system and the overall health of the man of your house in the case that he spends a great deal of his time away from it. Put any small statue or picture of a big bear in the ‘Helpful People’ area of main floor. Who cares what the bear does in the woods as long as he keeps all intruders far away from your space and your empty home happy, healthy, safe and secure.

Now, this message spooked me a bit because the “man of my house” is going to be away for a week visiting his brother. That of course, is Rebel Dawg who is going to visit Tubby Dawg who lives with my aunt. So I’m about to go rummage around in the attic to see if I can find a Teddy bear or something to guard my home while I take a short trip out of state.

Later: No luck…not a bear in the house. I do use Bare Minerals make-up. Do you think that would do the trick?

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