Fig pickin’ fools


Yesterday Brenda and I got up early and worked out, then headed over to our friend Jack’s place.  He has a huge (at least 15 feet tall) fig tree that was loaded down and ripe for pickin’.

We took a ladder and a five gallon bucket which we filled in no time.  But alas, I have no idea what to do with this crop and I’m afraid they won’t last long in the fridge.

mo figs

I would love to hear if anyone has a good recipe for fresh figs – anything but preserves.  I got burned on that years ago when I tried to make fig preserves and cooked my sugar too long I guess.  The stuff crystallized in the jars and I ruined an entire case of Ball jars.  It couldn’t be chiseled out with an ice pick.

Our friend and work-out partner, Charlotte, gave us one good idea which she says was delightful.  She toasted up some fat pieces of rustic bread she bought at Wal-Mart.  She spread the toast with softened blue cheese and topped with grilled figs.  I guess I’ll try that today.

Figgy pudding anyone?

7 thoughts on “Fig pickin’ fools

  1. We have a fresh fig tree and when them get really ripe, I take them and mash them with a fork and then mix them with peanut Butter. Great taste and a nutritious breakfast.

    I love’um put on toast…

  2. Emily—–I place the figs on a tray and freeze them and then keep them in a bag in the deep freeze. During the winter I get out a few at a time for Tom to eat.
    From your picture it looks like you have enough for several winters.


  3. Seriously, William? Then broil them, or bake them. Sounds really good. I’ll google in the meantime.

    Love you William
    (my 33 year old son in Nashville)

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