Finally–down to earth star on Food Network


I have a new source of inspiration who has brought me back to the Food Network which was sorely in need of some “real” people in the kitchen.

I had grown so weary of Paula Deen with her teeth-grating cackle and the requisite “y’all” between every second word.  Hey, I love Southern talk but let’s not beat it to death.  Plus her recipes are so over the top I’d given up trying them.  Couldn’t even sell her cookbooks at a garage sale!

ree again

Then, along comes a fresh face under the catch phrase “Pioneer Woman Cooks.”  Her name is Ree Drummond and her recipes are something that will please family members from toddlers to their great grandmothers.

When I watched her make her fabulous pot roast last weekend I couldn’t wait to get to the store to pick up the ingredients.    It was the first time I’ve actually succeeded at a new recipe!  (My family is going to be so happy.)  It will appear on my table for every family gathering for the rest of my life.

What I like about Ree is that she gives you all these little tips most chefs think you already know.  Her website shows step by step what she does to produce mouth watering “real” food.  I also wanted to make her simple but scrumptious looking-blackberry cobbler, but I’m off sugar again.  Drat.

Ree was a California girl who married a rancher in Texas and he carted her all to the wilderness where she has thrived.  Move over Paula, you’re yesterday’s news.

Here’s how she describes herself: “I’m a desperate housewife.  I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!”  You gotta love her!

3 thoughts on “Finally–down to earth star on Food Network

  1. You got’ta love someone who has done what you only dream of doing and makes a success of independent living. Ofcourse I think that being a rancher would be adventurous, but I know I forget the up at all day in heat and snow and ice., and then to bed at 8PM…Those are the things I only dream about. Like I’ve always said: I left the farm and worked 40 years to afford to go back, and I still live in the Desert of California…

    Somethings wrong here ?

  2. I love her show also. I kinda lost it for Paula Deen when I did a gallon jar full of her recipe for marinated shrimp to serve at a cocktail buffet when my family was home. After the prescribed marinating time, I tasted the result of my efforts and promptly threw out a mountain of expensive, large shrimp. I do admire Paula for the way she went from being a poor divorcee to a successful restaurant owner and tv personality.
    Ree is refreshingly natural looking and a good cook. Will have to check out the roast recipe.

  3. It’s (pot roast) is probably nothing different for you…just stresses long low heat – I’m always in a hurry and mine are usually tough and chewy.

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