I "fall" all over myself sometimes!

pile of leaves

Today is the first day of fall. I have a few suggestions on how to usher in the season, all guaranteed to lift your spirits.

* Rake all of your leaves into a pile and jump into them (who didn’t used to do that?). Of course, your health insurance should be paid up in case you break something. In fact, you might want to strap a pillow around yourself for cushioning and crawl gingerly into the pile rather than jumping;

*Make a big pot of chili. I love mine served over white rice and topped with a dollop of sour cream and half a squeezed lime. My Texas friends taught me to eat it this way. If you haven’t tried this you’re missing out on the best chili ever. Of course, you must make a big cast iron skillet of cornbread to go along – no sugar please. That’s just not Southern;

*Drive out into the country and ask a farmer if you can pull up a few stalks of corn to tie into a bundle and place at the entrance to your home. Pick up a few pumpkins for color;

*Put away your swim suit and white shoes (thank heavens, both make my skin crawl.) Get out your favorite comfort clothes and clean out the fireplace if you didn’t do it in the spring (for shame);

*Dig up some daisies to share with your neighbors. Mine are beginning to multiply in triplicate. They will bloom more beautifully if you thin them out a bit.

*Place a bowl of apples on your dining room table. According to my Feng Shui tip for the day, apples are considered to be a token of peace and prosperity. The next time you want to promote peace and plenty and a healthy dose of calm and serenity, add some apples to your decor. I have a friend who “polishes” them with a coat of Wesson Oil to make them extra shiny. If you do so, you might want to peal them before eating!

I’d love to hear how you are getting ready for fall at your home! I’m game to try pretty much anything.

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