First Pitch ushers in new era


Coach Cohen at right begins a new career at Mississippi State

Mississippi State University baseball fans were treated to a class act tonight as the First Pitch Banquet kicked off the 2009 season with new head coach John Cohen who was beyond impressive. The Tuscaloosa native is also a former MSU player who we stole away from Kentucky.  Not only was the event entertaining, it was downright inspirational.

The enthusiasm, comradery, and complete devotion of the MSU family was palpable as Cohen introduced his coaching staff and team.  A highlight for me was recognition of West Point High School classmate Jimmy Ellis (pictured below at left with veteran football announcer Jack Cristil).  Jim has been the voice of MSU baseball for 31 years which he proudly noted is half his life! He made all of us Clay County, Mississippi progenies very proud as well.


A new era begins at MSU which also has a young new president in Mark Keenum, a brand new football coach and a new athletic director. The whole event was orchestrated with professionalism and a creativity I didn’t expect.

State fans are notorious for the well worn refrain “Wait until next year.”  I think “next year” has arrived, and I’m pretty excited about the new attitude and high hopes at my adopted university.

And the team.  Oh my.  Girls, I don’t know how they execute the game of  baseball, but they’ve put together the cutest team you’ve ever seen.  They put on a comedy act David Letterman could only dream of.

I’d better get on the horn to my Ole Miss Rebels and tell them to watch out!

The season kicks off this weekend with a triple play. Come out and join us at what ESPN has proclaimed the nation’s best baseball stadium with special kudos for the unparalleled “left field lounge.” Batter up!

Coach Cohen… Cute team, cute coach.

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