First things first


Pareto’s Principle, more commonly known as "The 80/20 rule", states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. In other words, 80% of your pleasures will come from 20% of your activities.


I guess it could work in reverse, but I won’t go there today. There are many ways to apply the principle, but life coach Michael Neill suggests the following experiment.

Today’s Experiment:
1. Make a list of the tasks and activities you have to do this week.
If you already have a "To-Do" list, you can use that!  I’m an habitual list maker so I began there.

2. Add up the number of items on the list and divide by 5. (I had 26 items on my list. Oh gee, makes me tired.)   But wait! Round up or down to the nearest whole number. We’ll call this number your "power number.”
(Example – 26 things on your list, 26 divided by 5 is 5.2, round down. Your "power number" is 5.)

3. Go through and circle the "power number" of tasks and activities that on reflection, you think will make the biggest positive impact on your day or week.
(In our example, you would circle 5 items.)

4. The circled items represent the best use of your time for the week, based on the 80/20 rule.

This week, make sure that you work on your power number items as a top priority. Notice how many of the other things on your list can be delegated or dumped, and enjoy the freedom of putting first things first!

I’m feeling more powerful already.

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