Flip flop flap and other surprises

reef-dram My friend from Little Rock was here this week and we went shopping for fall fashions for his teenaged daughter over at Reed’s Department Store.

I had warned him that Starkville wouldn’t have anything interesting, but boy was I wrong.

We were fascinated by a display of flip flops by a company called “Reef.”  They have come out with a sandal that includes a 3-ounce flask in each sole – about four shots.  I figure we’ll see them all over the place at football games where alcoholic beverages are typically confiscated at the gate.  I doubt they will be checking the soles of spectator’s shoes!

The flip-flops also come with a tiny funnel for filling the flask and a plastic key to open the three-ounce flasks. They are advertised as “a drink come true!” Oh Brother.

I noted the flasks only come in the men’s version.  There is no secret compartment in the Reef women’s flip flops, but what a missed opportunity to offer a place to hide an extra key, a tube of lipstick or some extra cash.  But neeeew.  They only made arrangements for liquid cargo.

The product has prompted a barrage of letters from angry parents. Erik B. Nordstrom, President of the huge chain, agreed that the flip-flops were “a ridiculous product” and that it would be removed from all Nordstrom stores. “We thank you for bringing it to our attention. Nordstrom added that the product was not worthy of the company and was a means of underage drinkers to hide alcohol.

seat cushion flask Sippin Seat Next thing we’ll be seeing is a stadium seat which can hold an entire bottle.  No, wait, I googled stadium seats and learned they already have such a product.

Another surprise. My friend, Conley, as a huge Ole Miss fan, and he found an Ole Miss check book cover in the Starkville store.  Surprised the heck out of me.  There are only three Ole Miss fans that I know of in Oktibbeha County and Reeds had four of the Rebel check books in its inventory.

Conley didn’t buy it because he was heading up to Oxford the next day and could pick it up there.  No such luck. He just called to say he can’t find the check book anywhere in Oxford and would I please purchase it for him and mail it to his address in Little Rock.  (I’m going to do it, but first I’ll stamp – made in Starkville on the bottom.)


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