Flipping my lid and ditching the dish towels


“You can take the woman out of the cheap. But you can’t take the cheap out of the woman.” Profound, huh? I don’t really know what it means, but I think it applies to me.

As I tumbled around in my pot and pan cabinet this morning looking for the lid to my favorite skillet, I realize I have lost all my lids but one, and it doesn’t even have a mate. I think it’s out back serving as a water bowl for Lucky Dawg and Rebel. I had to use a plate turned upside down to do the job this morning as I prepared a frittata.

I’m puzzled as to why I continue to use old cookware that looks like it came to America with Christopher Columbus, ditto for dish cloths and towels. My dish towels are stained beyond repair and thread bare in some cases.

I have the mindset of doing without, not spending on things I want, but only for things I absolutely need. Back in my “lean years”, my mother used to say, “You need new dish towels.” Are you kidding me? I need to put food on the table and pay my electric bill. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between needs and wants.

But I’m going out to buy new kitchen stuff today.  While I’m at it I’m buying a toilet brush for every bowl in the house. Oh yeah! Now that’s decadent!

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