For the love of a pet


Rebel’s job is to guard the bedroom remote, Lucky controls the one in the den.

As most of you know, I have two roommates – a five year old Boston Terrier who snores louder than my first husband, and a dirty white toy poodle of unknown origin with severe digestive problems.

Not only do they share my living quarters, they are often my teachers.


No matter how long I leave them to their own devices, there they are at my back door when I return… jumping, barking and generally beside themselves over the simple fact that I’m home.

Our pets teach us about the importance of love and affection and forgiveness.  I had to punish Rebel for chewing up the cushion on my wicker settee and he sat beside me for the rest of the day with those big black eyes welling up in real tears.

They teach me the joy of giving, the merits of responsibility and the pleasure of a warm, unsolicited lick in the face.

They also shame me when I let loose a string of curse words, which I’ve been doing more and more lately.  I cursed Mr. Madoff (who made off with all that money) to hell and back.  How they know the meaning of my vile language, I know not.  But they both head for the hills and won’t come out until I clean up my vocabulary.

They are also fast learners.  They know that when the nightly news bumper music begins, my language is likely to get dicey and I get ornery.  They know I get especially violent when the words “CONGRESS”  or “The IRS” come up in a conversation.

When I hop up to get a class of water, Lucky slyly leans on the remote control and low and behold, it goes into mute mode.  This has happened more than once so I know it’s not an accident. If it doesn’t go mute, the channel mysteriously changes to Animal Planet.

I know it’s not the screaming that repels them, because the three of us jumped and shouted last night while the MSU Bulldogs tromped Florida.  We also laugh our heads off during stupid pet tricks featured on America’s Funniest Videos.  And they laugh their heads off during stupid human tricks they are privy to each day in the privacy of our home.

All this leads me to the point of my blabbering.  My friend Jane often sends notices about pets needing adoption.  The one that really got to me was this week.  A woman with terminal cancer was trying to find homes for her seven dogs. I came “this close” to volunteering to take one but I don’t think they want them split up.

For those of you who don’t have pets, I urge you to consider taking on a stray – either from the pound or someone having to give up a pet.  It’s happening more and more with people losing their homes and moving into rentals which don’t allow pets.

I can also guarantee you a fuller, happier life with a pet standing by anxious to cheer you on and offer unconditional love.

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