For the love of Lycra, spaciousness of Spandex


You’ve got to love it – that always forgiving  body-hugging  Lycra -especially if it’s of the black shiny spandex variety that’s stronger than rubber and hugs your thighs, thereby helping you forget you added a whole size to your girth during the holidays.

I always feel like a superhero when I’m wearing it.

Lycra might be the only fabric that “loves you back” as it refuses to bag and bunch. Why, Mr. Levi Strauss has even come out with Lycra jeans and I bought a pair to wear while I do my annual “shrink down.”

I have been reliably informed that shiny Spandex bodysuits, in fetching shades of lavender, aquamarine, puce and jade, are to be the fashion statement of 2010.  Well, okay.  I made that up, but it could happen.

Rimmel has come out with a line of Lycra make-up.  Not sure how that works, but I’m in the market for some.

I like wearing Lycra it to the grocery store while I’m buying my cottage cheese, sprouts and spinach.  People think I’m just back from a bike ride or a bit of figure skating.  Never mind that I don’t own a bike, and I haven’t been able to find a frozen pond in Mississippi.

Doesn’t matter – my exercise program won’t begin until February when the whiz-bang New Year’s work-out  enthusiasts  run out of steam.

Besides, I’m not sure the gym is safe. I read about a  fatality that occurred when an exercise ball popped while a man was lifting heavy weights over his head.  And last year I witnessed a lady almost get eaten alive when she tripped on her treadmill and the conveyer belt tried to suck her into the mill. I guess that’s why they call it a treadmill. Surely, that would be my luck.

For now, I’m still in recovery from the holiday sweet treats, and my efforts are limited to exercising better eating habits in the new year.

2 thoughts on “For the love of Lycra, spaciousness of Spandex

  1. I was shocked, to say the least, when I went to the doc. today, and found out I had gained 9 lbs. over the holidays. I’m with you Emily on this diet thing for a while. Maybe, we should be accountability buddies?

  2. You MARTHA!!!? I’ve never known you to have a weight problem. You could probably afford to gain nine pounds – I couldn’t . Okay let’s see who can get it off first. What kind of plan are you on? I’m on something called the Go-Diet and I really like it. Basically I ditch any sweets and simple carbs – which leaves lean meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. It’s easy for me because it allows hard cheese which is my biggest weakness next to sugar. It’s a low carb plan which I’m convinced is the way to go. I’ve done weight watchers but found myself staying within my points, but eating junk. This year I’m going for healthy. Good luck!

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