Forget Memphis – Myrtle in May is better

Myrtle in May 012

Memphis in May is a great event, but our new friends, Jim and Larry Rorie, decided to organize a competing event.

They call it “Myrtle in May” and we decided to ditch Memphis.

It takes place in Myrtle, a little known suburb of  New Albany, Mississippi.

I still don’t know how we found it, but we sampled some of the best barbeque in the South, and sang along with some inspired tunes.

My favorites included Jim’s own theme song called “One more for the Ditch.”  They also performed a tune called “Broke Back Mountain” that forced us to sing words not usually included in our vocabularies.

Myrtle in May 019

We met some characters – mostly musicians from Nashville and “other parts” who get together once a year to play some tunes and carouse for days on end.

Judy made her singing debut with her interesting rendition of “Summertime.”

Marie and I sang backup with nasal do-whop intonations that ran off half the crowd.

We were so impressed with a group known as “Sweet Constipation” that we decided to organize our own group.

The all-girls group wore matching faux “bustier” T-shirts  they found at Walmart for 50 cents.  What a deal! On the way home we stopped at every Walmart between Myrtle and Starkville trying to find copies.

boustiers 004

Myrtle in May 024

Bingo – West Point’s Wal-Mart had them in multiples and we stocked up. We now have openings for six more members of our band.

Call me for auditions.

We went back to Myrtle  this morning because I left my camera.

Myrtle in May was still underway and has been since last Wednesday.  Below you will see Jim and his brother Larry, our hosts who are prepared to cut the cake someone brought in from Alabama to commemorate the event.

Myrtle in May 002

Myrtle in May 023

Great time, guys, let’s do it again!

2 thoughts on “Forget Memphis – Myrtle in May is better

  1. Yes Mam, I’m on my way. Where ever that may be. It will be very hard for those with “Constipation”.

  2. Wayyy too much fun for the “gracefully matured” generation of women.
    We’ll revisit Myrtle next year if we can “remember” how to get there…for that matter, if we can “remember” each other!!!!!!!!!

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