Formal has left the building


The Starkville Area Arts Council is one of those organizations that I support without reservation.  At least I thought so.


I just learned that our annual Gala next Saturday is formal. The men are asked to wear tuxedos and the women are expected to wear long dresses.

Say what?  I haven’t worn a long dress since the 1970s and I don’t see myself doing it again… unless I should win a pageant with a crown –  like Miss Old Ms. Mississippi.  (Hey I like that idea but I demand a crown.)

My date gave his tux to one of the coaches at Mississippi State seven years ago, and he refuses to go rent one. So we will be the only couple to stand out if only because we are underdressed.

But he can do a mean JitterBug, and a better slow dance. I’m thinking a long dress would just trip us up.

I went through the six closets that house my wardrobe. – five hold things I haven’t worn since the last century and one houses what I wear today.

A cocktail dress I wore to the inauguration of Kirk Fordice in the 1980s caught my eye.  It ‘s black with lots of rhinestones and (gulp) huge shoulder pads.

I’ll try to cut out the shoulder pads.

13 thoughts on “Formal has left the building

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