Friendships you can bank on

Rhonda's luncheon 017

MSU’s first lady, Rhonda Keenum, front left, hosted a luncheon today for the alumni of Security State Bank – that means those ladies who worked for the financial institution before it merged into what is now Regions.

Rhonda's luncheon 003 Among special guests was Jean Parker of Tupelo (left with Rhonda). Jean is a long-time friend of mine who I haven’t seen in way too long.

Most of us worked together at the bank during the 70s and 80s and came to form kind of a family.  Rhonda joined the staff in 1984 when her husband, MSU President Mark Keenum, was in graduate school here.

We couldn’t wait to see what she’s done with the President’s home.  I was in awe of some of her color choices – Mark’s study is painted black!  But the color really sets off the couple’s art collection.  It also features a collection of guitars which have been framed.  Most were gifts of the Peavey Corporation. The home is stunning.

Rhonda's luncheon 001

Rhonda's luncheon 005

The color black is used as a striking accent in most rooms of the newly remodeled home.

I can’t wait to emulate Rhonda’s style  and paint something black in my house.

The symmetrical gardens, (below), are breath- taking and make me dread returning to the chaos which reigns in my tiny garden.






Rhonda's luncheon 008

We spent several hours reliving our years at Security State Bank where we spent a big chunk our young adulthood.  The memories came pouring back.  Many thanks to Rhonda for bringing us together.

2 thoughts on “Friendships you can bank on

  1. Good morning, Emily! …. nice! ….you all look great. I actually could recognize and recall names for most all of you. Everyone just keeps ‘looking good’!! Best wishes to everyone.

    Larry Jones, Lexington, KY

  2. Larry! Can you believe us? We argued for an hour on where are you. I thought you were in Manhatten, Kansas, and everyone else said Lexington, Ken. I guess I lost. I think I was mixing you up with The Parks. Remember them. Lynn and Charlie – she died last year and I’ll never forget them. Those were the good ole days. It was so good to see Jean Parker again. Stay in touch.

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