From one deluded diva to another

By Yvonne Thaxton


Emily is out of town, so I’m taking over her website. After all, I AM feeding her cat in her absence.

I qualify as a deluded diva, so imagine my surprise when I found my perfect home and  learned it was next door to THE Deluded Diva. Emily often writes about mishaps in her home. I laughed at many of them without ever suspecting that just by moving next door, similar occurrences would begin to plague me.

While I make no extraordinary claims about my prowess in the kitchen, strange things have been happening lately. My never fail caramel syrup for flan failed for the first time and I blamed it on the weather, knowing full well that had never been an issue before.

Then, my old standby entre suddenly became a chicken disaster. Next, with only 2 eggs left in the house and breakfast to prepare for my 92 year old Dad and I, I dropped on into the lit eye of my gas stove—not only a lost breakfast, but a horrible mess.

And, to add to the food disasters, my sink suddenly developed an impressive leak from the drain pipe. A quick fix? No, of course not, it seems that I have a pest chewing up my pipes! (Probably one Emily ran off from her house.)

I have 3 dogs and a cat plus Emily’s yard cat and they have been of absolutely no use in pest control. I called the exterminator but before he got here, my dear friend Phil discovered that the pest had also eaten a chunk out of the dishwasher drain hose.

Now, I ask you, why? I don’t think there is significant nutritional value in plastic. With dog/cat proof rat traps and bait stations in place, we replaced the damaged sink parts. Then, less than 24 hours later, ignoring the bait stations and traps the pest revisited the underworld of my plumbing and took a bite out of the dishwasher hose again. I’m off the plumbing supply store to see if they make that thing in steel to slow things down until I figure out what to do about my new pet.

(Editor’s note:  The deluded diva has already run off one neighbor.  Please Yvonne, she doesn’t want to lose you too.)

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  1. You sound like you have the same kind of problems I have! Always worse than the normal problem! lol

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