Frugal Friday: Stone walkways for free!


I’ve been lurking around construction sites for the past few days trying to spot materials to be used in a new garden path I’m building through my perennial bed.

Whenever I hear a jack hammer, I know figure someone is redoing a sidewalk somewhere in my old neighborhood.  I jump in my truck and sniff it out.  I hit pay dirt last week when the corner convenience store redid their entire parking lot.  I could have paved my entire lawn, but it was just too hot to bother, and I do like a little grass to maintain some order in my garden which someone once described as “controlled chaos.”

The work crew is more than happy to let you pick up pieces of old stone.  I select the smaller pieces (maybe a foot square) that have at least one flat side.

After clearing a pathway, you place the chunks out in the desired configuration. For each one, I dug about six inches down, so that the flat top was flush with the ground. It took a little effort to get each step level, but the results are rewarding.

Similar stones cost around $3 to $5 each, so I saved about $100!

Here’s hoping how it will look by next year:


One thought on “Frugal Friday: Stone walkways for free!

  1. I hope it works, Emily. The picture looks beautiful. When I built my garden, I only had the strength to use pea gravel and hold it together with bricks along the side. And, I am amazed that anyone can do garden work in this heat!

    Shirley D.

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