Fun in the sun, and bitter cucumbers

beach, day 1 042

So there you have it.  My gang is outside sunning on the beach, but  Marie and I are inside watching an Andy Griffith rerun and discussing the merits of whether to peel our cucumbers. Fascinating stuff.

cucumbers I complained that my freshly picket cucumbers were a little on the bitter side and she told me a story handed down from her mother.  She had a cucumber slicing routine guaranteed to remove any bitterness.   You slice each end off the cucumber and rub it together with the uncut end.  Some white gunk comes out.  Her mother said that was the bitterness.

Well, I never.  Carole took it a step further regarding homegrown cucumbers.  You should always  the slice end that was not connected to the vine first. I can’t imagine why they would matter, but she swears by it.

So, I pass these tips along in case you’ve been wringing your hands over bitter cucumbers.

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