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I’m the kind of person who craves instant gratification, especially in my garden.  Here’s a tip I found in a 1978 Southern Living.  Yes, I’ve kept every Southern Living for my entire adult life.  Until recently, when they changed their format and I canceled my subscription.

This is a great tip for growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. in any location, especially if you have poor or hard soil.

container gardening Buy a bag of good top soil or potting soil. Make a few slits in the bottom of the bag and a hole or two in the top of the bag, depending on which plant you want to grow. Lay
this on top of the ground. It could be in the flowerbed or garden,. Just plant in the holes, water and watch them grow.

You can group several together and mulch around them with leaves or grass clippings if you do not like the look of old potting shed the plastic. If you check the home stores and garden centers, you can usually purchase bags of soil that are already damaged with small holes for half the price.

Don’t you love the garden shed at left?  And the tricycle above inspired me.  I’m off to the “swap shop” to find some more junk to put in my garden!

One thought on “Garden cheap and easy

  1. Hi Emily,

    Is this the first year you’ve tried the bag trick? Don’t they tump over after the plants get a bit bigger?
    Hmm, I think that’s the first time I’ve actually ever written the word “tump.” Not even sure I’ve ever seen it written before. Wonder why that is? Deep question, isn’t it? Cuz

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