Garden delights

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Okay, I admit it.  I can get very creative in the garden.  Several years ago, my neighbor, Brenda, threw out a lamp base that was made of Mother of Pearl, or something that looked very close.

I dragged it home and sat it on my back porch for two years.  Last year I put a hat on it and wondered why I couldn’t make a sort of garden ornament out of it.  Today I painted a face on the lamp base and took it back across the street and planted it in her garden while she was gone.

She came home a few minutes ago  and had a hissy fit. It really was cute, and I was wishing I had it back for my garden.  But Brenda is the friend who replaced my locket when I lost it.  This was pay back time.

She laughed and cried and I knew that I could see it every day in her garden as often as I would see it in mine.

But I must give you a tour of her garden so you will understand why I knew she would love my lady.

Her hand made Koi pond

brenda 011

Her “squash bed”

brenda 001

A piece given to her by Dot Phillips who once owned the best garden center in the area.

brenda 016

The bed springs from the bed above form a support for her grapes

brenda 004

Anyone who doesn’t love gardening, just doesn’t get it.  And it’s not always about the plants!

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