Garden Expo reminds us good times are coming

They told  us it wouldn’t work the first year. We were spinning our wheels. We wouldn’t be able to get exciting speakers or major vendors. We should just start slowly and be patient, it would come together in a few years. That’s what they told us.

We now have 60 vendors and 13 major authorities on gardening to open the first ever “Everything Garden Expo.”  We had to shut off booth registration today.  The ladies responsible are pictured with our new Expo banner which you will begin seeing around town.  From left Jane Loveless, Imogene Triplett and Beverly Jones doggedly pursued the best vendors and speakers to fill the arena at the Mississippi Horsepark on the Mississippi State University campus.

You better put it on your calendar because it’s going to be a major event for our state.  We have Felder, Garden Mama, Norman Winter, and everyone else you’ve ever wanted to quiz. This is the gardeners place to be.  Put it down.  March 7-8, 2009.  Many thanks to the Starkville Area Arts Council and Mississippi State University for taking a chance on a ambitious project.

3 thoughts on “Garden Expo reminds us good times are coming

  1. It’s March 7-8, Olivia. Saturday 8 – 6 and Sunday 11-5 p.m. If you want to go both days – would love for you to spend the night. More seminars on Saturda, but Felder is on Sunday. Good reasons to go both days. Bring some of your friends!

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