Gardening by the inch


“Gardening by the Yard” is one of my favorite television shows because it shares valuable information with people like me – novices who aspire to something greater.

Let’s call this segment “gardening by the inch.”  What else are you going to do when winter refuses to give up its seat, and you’re stuck with a box full of seed packets. You know  if you don’t plant them soon, they’ll end up in the “junk drawer,” and get tossed out with a bunch of erasers and emery boards.


I took a page from Shirley Dawkins’  Egg Shell Garden play book and made a frittata.  (She actually told me to make a pound cake because it takes a whole dozen eggs.)   My frittata only takes half a dozen eggs – plenty enough for my experiment. Plus I had to go to three grocery stores to find a white box of eggs.  My kitchen is white, and a blue or yellow carton would totally destroy my color scheme.

I carefully washed the shells and punched a tiny straight pin through the bottoms per her instructions. I filled the shells with Miracle Grow “dirt” and dropped a few seeds on the top.  I happen to love cilantro so that’s what’s making on my windowsill.

I rushed to the kitchen every morning to see the new sprouts.  The packet said three days to germination.  It lied.

A week passed – nothing!  I was ready to throw them out.  Then I left town for the Sipsey wilderness.  Low and behold, when I got home I had sprouts. The next day I had bonafide plants.  I even began repotting the seedlings. I can already taste the guacamole when my cilantro is ready for harvest.

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