Gearing up for the big 1-1-11

one one one

I’m really big on New Year’s resolutions and spend the last week of each December getting them all down on paper.

Never mind that I keep resolving the same thing year after year – maybe this will be the year I actually get some of them done. On public radio yesterday, I heard a guy discussing why our resolutions fail.  We approach them as a “wish list” rather than goals we can actually MAKE HAPPEN with some determination, he said.

new year

Hmmm, I’d much rather “wish” than do the actual work.

This New Year is especially significant since it will be notated as 1-1-11.  All oneses, hey, what a great day to launch a new resolve.

The man on the radio suggested that we write down four things that would make us happier people and get to work coming up with baby steps to take toward reaching those “happy places.”

The problem is that we have come to expect instant results.  Our society has taught us that there is no need to wait on the pot to boil, just nuke it. Need information? No need to research, just google it. We jump to conclusions, fly off the handle and stand up to eat our meals.

No wonder we’re not as happy as we could be.  So I’m starting off the new year by resolving to stop being a sloppy multitasker.  I’m guilty of doing three – five things at once. I can each lunch, read a book, watch the news and pet the dog.  I can cook up a soup while reading a book, watching the news, eating a sandwich and petting the dog.

You can only imagine the spills and mistakes caused by this behavior. So, I firmly resolve to do one thing at a time beginning on 1-1-11.  Well, maybe just two.

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