Getting out the trusty wedding dress again!


No, I’m not getting married – it’s much more exciting than that!  I’m planning for a Halloween affair.

Here is a program  note for my old gang from West Point High School – and anyone else looking for something “spookie” to do on Halloween.  (I’m announcing it early so you can lose 5 or 10 pounds before the event.)

It is now officially official.  The band formally known as, and for one more occasion again to be known as, The Torquays, has reserved Waverly Waters for Halloween night, Saturday, October 31.  Everyone is invited and asked to made donations to  help defray the cost of renting the lodge.  It is located east of West Point on Old Waverly Road.

“We’ll make it a BYOB and maybe throw out some chips and dips, said Gary Florreich, lead singer for the group.  “We haven’t worked out the small details, but I’m thinking the band will want to get there around 2 or so to set-up, and then maybe we’ll open the doors for 6 or 6:30.  We’d drink a little, eat a little, play a couple of tunes, drink a little more, etc., etc., etc.”

vintage-wedding-dress1 The band will include the original band members Tinker Lautar, Eugene Bailey, and Scott Murrah.  They will be joined by Bob & Susie Marshall, Tom Seagrest and Florreich.

We’re all looking forward to it and I’m excited about getting to wear my wedding dress again.  Several Halloweens ago I pulled it out of its hermetically sealed box  and managed to squeeze my 50-something year old body into the 20-something frock.  (Okay so we had to secure the buttons down the back with shoe laces, but I got into it!)

I’m going to try to convince Marie to go as my Frankenstein.

This will be a sort of farewell/swan song for the Torquays – which was the band we danced to all those years ago.  We’d love to keep them going forever, but it’s become too difficult for the band members to get together often enough to build a following.  Maybe when we get to the nursing home….

Be watching for more details.

2 thoughts on “Getting out the trusty wedding dress again!

  1. Hi Emily… That sounds like a great idea!! West Point seems to be coming
    alive with its new restaurants and renovations. I was thinking .. that
    maybe it would be a good idea to have the money over the basic costs
    for the party to go to the Humane Society that West Point is desparately
    trying to start. With this economy they really need help.
    I love your articles.. You are precious. Sincerely, Paula(Jones) Fletcher

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