Glory daze

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I’ve “gone to Glory” and lived to tell about it.

Truly, I was lucky enough to be invited to a luncheon out at Jack and Paquita Denson’s camp house today.  The girls all call it “Glory” and now I know why. It is simply a glorious place to be.

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Actually this was the monthly meeting of a group of women who call themselves the Magnolia Social Club.  They used to be called the Magnolia Garden Club but changed the name because gardening was just too much work!

When Yvonne called to asked me to come as her guest, she didn’t explain what “Glory” was.  She just left a message “Do you want to go with me to Glory on Wednesday?” I thought it was some kind of Catholic celebration they forgot to tell me about when I was confirmed.

glory 004 Jack and Paquita purchased the house and 70 something acres in 1981 from Barry and Margaret Ann Wood.  They were adamant that it would not be restored or modernized, or in any way altered through hard labor.

This was a place to go on the weekends for long lazy walks through the woods or a little fishing in the pond out back. The charm is the informality that makes you want to kick off your shoes.

Everything about the place says to “sit a spell and have a glass of iced tea – sweet please.”

Jack met a lady years ago  who had grown up on the land around “Glory.”  All she could tell him about its history was that it was built during the Wawah.  He assumed she meant the Wawah Between the States and the architecture bears that out.

glory 013 All the ladies of the social club brought salads and we enjoyed a fabulous spread on the back porch.

My favorite was the cornbread salad Bettye Wilson brought (pictured at left). It was soooo “Missippi.”  She’s promised me the recipe. Will pass it along when I get it. It was as beautiful as it was tasty.

The screen door slammed continually as the social club moved in and out of the house.  It reminded me of my childhood when Mother always begged me to stop slamming the screen door. You didn’t mean to slam it, that’s just what it did!

As far as I could tell, there was no altruistic reason for the Magnolia Social Club.  No roll was called and no business transacted.  It was just a special time for very old friends to stay in touch. The quote of the day was when Yvonne tried to point out someone I’ve been wanting to meet.  “See the lady with gray hair?”  Then she cracked up – they ALL had gray hair except for me, and my roots were tattling on me!

I told Jack – who was lurking about – obviously enjoying himself watching us enjoy ourselves,  “If I still have a dream at my age, it’s that someday I’m going to get me a ‘Glory’ and I’ll come to town once a month to stock up on groceries”- and maybe to drop in on the girls at the Magnolia Social Club.

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