Go a little crazy and live longer


We all have unexciting days sometimes.  But, hey, having a boring day beats having a really hectic one, right?

Not so fast. Seems that “ho hum” might be right up there with “woe is me” when it comes to the impact on your health. In a study, people who were most bored with their jobs had higher mortality rates at younger ages. Yikes.

Maybe it’s time to shake things up!

Bored to death?

bored silly
The study included a survey of more than 7,000 government workers, asking them how often they found themselves bored on the job.

After a little more than 20 years had passed, the researchers checked back in with the participants and found that those who had been most bored with their jobs were more likely to have died in the interim.

And the killer? More often than not, it was due to heart troubles.

Boredom itself wasn’t the actual cause of death, but researchers noticed that the people who were most bored also exercised less and had worse overall health, leading the researchers to speculate that depression could be at play.

Feeling chronically uninterested in things can be a sign of depression, and depressed people are less likely to feel motivated to take care of themselves.

It always works for me to get together with some good friends who like to laugh.  The sillier, the better. Lucky for me, all my friends have senses of humor in the upper percentile.

(Source, RealAge)

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  1. It’s hard to bore me. Long speaches will, esp. if the person is saying something over and over. I like to read, so I take something with me to read all the time.

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