Go ahead, express yo’self


After a long winter of discontent, I awoke last week to warmer temperatures, a glimpse of the long forgotten sunshine, and found myself reassessing my life.


Since I retired, I kind of went into hiding.  I felt like I deserved a rest from any kind of work, and I was bored with civic projects I’ve worked on for years.

I declined lunch invitations and adopted a cat.

Cats- a bad sign.  I dreamed last night that I was a little old lady with 25 cats and people would point and giggle as they passed my house!

NOOOOOOOOOO.  I’m not ready for that.  I read that creativity sharpens the brain, which can stem the advance of dementia in old age. The more new things we learn, the more use the brain gets — and the sharper it will remain.

So I sat down this a.m. and made a list of things I planned to do, before I went and got sidetracked.  Here’s a partial list:

* Go back to MSU and take a horticulture course so I can create a beautiful garden. After that I will take a history class on the Civil War – just because I love history and interested in which portions thereof took place on my turf;

*  Form a walking club and have some fun while exercising;


* Take a dance class – especially want to learn to Tango and Jitterbug.  I just missed the jitterbug, it had faded into the Bebop by the time I came along;

*  Get up my courage, swallow my fear of failure, and write my book.  It’s all up there in my brain, and I should let it out before it congeals. So what if no one buys it, I can always said I was an author;

*  Take a cooking class.  I’ve been burning everything for way too long;

*  Learn to speak Eye-talian and spend next summer in Rome;

*  Learn to play the violin.  Okay, maybe I’ll wait until next year to do that.  I’ve got plenty to get me going for now.

So, farewell, television and trust old easy chair. You won’t be seeing me much anymore.

2 thoughts on “Go ahead, express yo’self

  1. Emily,
    Recently learned that, when we turn 65, if the classes aren’t full, we can take college classes for free in Tx. I already know which ones I’ll be signing up for.
    Also, when you get ready to go to Italy, let me know. I’ll be your travelling companion.

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