God knew what He was doing


I do everything by candlelight these days – makes you look younger!


I was just having a conversation with my friend Shirley.  I mentioned that I probably couldn’t make a function tomorrow night because I had some oral surgery this week and my jaw is swollen and beginning to show signs of bruising.  I look like I’ve been in a fight and lost.

She reminded that since all my “gang” is getting older, no one can see anyhow, and with all the weak florescent lighting we are using these days, you couldn’t detect a pierced nose unless it was your own.

I began to think about that.  It is a blessing that as we age, and our eyesight dims, we always think we look better than we really do.  I’ve taken to putting my make-up on by candlelight and rather enjoy the effect.  Kind of like Dracula, I go home when the sun begins to come out.  Don’t need that much “exposure” or reality.

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