Going ‘Eyetalian’ for New Year feast

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I’m doing “Eyetalian” for my New Years feast which is going to be a crock pot buffet. Everyone’s bringing their favorite crock pot dish, mixed and ready to plug up. Thanks to my friend Gerald down in Alabama, I was able to add the following to my celebration.

Of course, we’ll be eating on paper plates – this will be the easiest party I’ve ever had!

Eyetalian Crock Pot Beef

    3 lb. rump roast (or larger depending on size of crock pot)

    1 pkg. Good Seasons Italian Dressing mix

    1 c. water

    1 pkg. au jus gravy mix

    2 tsp.
    Italian seasoning

    6 pepperoncini peppers

Mix together water, gravy mix, dressing, and Italian seasoning. pour over roast in crock pot. Add peppers if desired. Cover and cook on low about 4 hours. Break up roast and cook 1 hour more.

Eyetalian Black eyed peas

This are the Mississippi version to which I add a spring of rosemary to make it qualify as Eyetalian.

Of course, the obligatory black eyed peas will also be cooked in a crock pot. All you do is dump a bag of the dried peas in the crock pot with your left over Christmas ham hock. Fill the pot with water until it just covers the ham hocks.

Add in 1 bay leaf and set your crock pot for high. Leave it to cook for 6-8 hours. Start it when you make your morning coffee and the dish will be ready by half-time.

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