Gone but not forgotten, second verse

The big snow, Yvonne's farewell, Drott's lamps 017

Along with the snow, my neighbor, Yvonne (pictured, center, at her farewell luncheon yesterday), moved out this morning.  I didn’t even go over to tell her good-bye.

I just couldn’t. I have always had this thing about good-byes, so I just pretended she had gone over to the Piggly Wiggly and would be back shortly.

Of course, in truth, she drove off to that God forbidden place in Arkansas that will take me about 10 hours to find.  And I don’t even speak the language!

I predict she will be back in about two years when the newness wears off and she misses the town that loved her so well.  I just hope she can get her house back and we can resume our original plan which was to make pottery and putter in the garden.

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