Good news, bad news, for organic gardeners


The good news is our organic hay bale garden is producing cucumbers and squash at the rate of rabbits, but we discovered today that the Early girl tomatoes are infested with cutworms. 

I cried real tears as we threw away at least six ripe tomatoes which had been invaded by the critters.  We hated to do it, but had to yield to nature and relax our “organic” standards.  B and I went to the Co-op today and sprung for something called Thuricide, guaranteed to kill the army of caterpillers, which is attacking us like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

The good news is that our big plump heirlooms are still green and haven’t presented the worms with fertile flesh on which to feast.  We sprayed them today and hope for the best.

More good news.  I really don’t care for cucumbers.  But I found a recipe for a cold cucumber soup which I prepared for friends last night and found it to be refreshing and tasty.  My aunt Emma gave me a wonderful cookbook called “Faithfully Charleston” and I’ve found many “off the beaten path recipes.”

I highly recommend this soup if you’re not crazy about cucumbers and someone gives you a bunch. My Columbus friend, Francis, came over for lunch today and we dined on the left-overs – even better than yesterday.  He called his home phone and recorded the recipe so he can serve it in Columbus.  He also discovered a recipe in the cookbook for Cold Asparagus soup he recorded.  It calls for one can of asparagus, (undrained) 1 can beef broth, and one 8-ounce container of sour cream…prepared as below.  I’m trying it tomorrow.

Cold Cucumber Soup

1 pound cucumbers, peeled and chopped (I used one baseball sized one that was hiding under the foliage)

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 8-ounce container sour cream (I used low fat)

1/4 large onion chopped

salt to taste

Worchestershire to taste

Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and puree.  Chill before serving.  I served it as a side dish in the dainty coffee cups to my good china which are way too small for two fisted coffee drinkers.  I topped them with lots of freshly ground black pepper and a couple more squirts of worchestershire.  Big hit. I stuck a few sprigs of garlic chives in the mixture and felt it was worthy of a bonafide chef.

3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news, for organic gardeners

  1. Emily,
    Was glad to see the recipe for cold cucumber soup. I recently had room temp. carrot soup and it was absolutely delicious. Had similar ingredients as the cucumber soup.

  2. Paula – Have a good one called “Journey into Joy” – who wrote yours? I also read and reread David Yount’s “Spiritual Simplicity” at least once a year and it always gets me back on track. I’m a sucker for all kinds of self help books…

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