Gratitude – the spice to add to every single day


Several years ago, I began a gratitude journal – I think it was when I was still watching Oprah. 

I try to write it in at least once a week. recording every little thing that makes my life richer – sometimes, even just tolerable!

I learned straight away, that the more I focus on the small things, the more that list seems endless.

gratitude-journal You know, stuff like “My truck started today and the air conditioning is still working;” I made a squash souffle and it didn’t burn";” “My son told me he loved me”;  and “I had a good hair day” (that doesn’t happen but about four times a year, so it’s worth noting).

Such are the small moments of a life, that help you get through the larger, harder ones.

Now I must point out this is not my daily journal – I save my daily diary to complain and moan about how bad the world is treating me. 

I can tell you which journal I will keep – the gratitude one.  The bitchy one will go in the trash, and I have enlisted a very close friend to make sure they are trashed should I kick off before I planned. (I mean, I haven’t planned it or anything, but you never know.)

In a quirky way, both journals serve the function of a cheap therapist, and I’m all about that. I even rate my days on a scale of 1 – 10.  I’ve yet to have one to fall below 6. I attribute that to my gratitude journal.

But you know what?  After writing all this, I realized that I’m going at it the Pig Latin way -  bass ackwards.  Tomorrow I will begin doing the gratitude journal every day and saving the whiney one for once a week…on a Thursday… between 3 and 3:15. 

(Editor’s note – We’re off to do some research on the oil spill in the Gulf.  At least that’s how I would like to report my Florida travel expenses on my tax return. Think it will fly?  Nah. Probably not. We may not be back on line for a few days, but when we return, we will have the full story.)

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