Greetings from the Tundra


When I arrived home from Nashville yesterday, my house had a mean little surprise for me. No heat! Temperatures were hovering in the 20s and it was colder inside than out. I jiggled, and stewed, and put on more layers of clothing. No luck.

My trusty AC man came right over. He’s a genius and has been known to rig up old units in my rental properties by ripping a hair out of his head and placing it strategically so that the unit miraculously starts up again.

He always leaves with the disclaimer “Now, this might last three days or three years, there’s just no way to know.” He’s not failed me yet.

As he came inside from tinkering around the outside unit, he looked grim.

“The heat converter has rusted out. We’ll have to order a new one, but they are pretty pricey,” he warned. “If I were you I would consider replacing the whole thing.”

“No, No, No!” I cried. It’s only 12 years old. But more important, I had my eye on a new rug for my dining room. I’m still waiting for him to call me back to give me the bottom line on the cost.

In the meantime, Lucky Dawg, Rebel and I have been huddled in my chair and a half with many layers of clothing and an electric blanket. I do have a gas log fireplace, but it’s pretty useless on its own….my house is an “open plan” and there’s no way to shut off several big rooms feeding into the kitchen where it’s located. It’s looks pretty, but it might as well be “spittin’ in the wind” for all the warmth it produces.

When I awoke this a.m., the thermostat in the house registered 50 degrees, but that’s as low as it goes. I’m sure it was in the low thirties. I might as well have slept in the greenhouse where my plants have thermostat controlled heat and are toasty warm!

We all look like we’re smoking cigarettes even when we’re just breathing. Thank heavens we are going to warm up a bit today. I keep thinking – there are people in the world who live like this all the time. I’m going to be more compassionate from now on and give to charities a little more generously. But first I’ve got to buy a stupid heating unit.

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